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Dom Rodrigos

Makes 6 sweet-meats


  • 250 grs of fios de ovos (an egg-yolk sweet) ;
  • 50 grs of husked, grated almonds ;
  • 250 grs of sugar ;
  • 0.5 dl of water ;
  • 4 egg yolks ;
  • cinnamon to taste


Place 200 grs of sugar in a pan and cover it with water. Place on the flame and boil for two minutes until the sugar forms pearl-like drops when dripped from a spoon.
Take off the stove and stir in the almonds. Let everything become lukewarm, then add the egg yolks and place on the flame again, stiring until the mixture thickens. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon.
With the remaining sugar and water, make a syrup by boiling until the sugar forms a string when dripped from a spoon.
Pour the syrup into a frying-pan  and place it on the flame. When it boils, add the fios de ovos and, on the lattter, the previously made mixture of sugar, almonds and egg yolks.
With the help of two spatulas, mix the fios de ovos and the mixture until they are completely blended.
Let everything brown and then take it out of the frying-pan.
Distribute the mixture in equal amounts among 6 tin squares, join the four angles of each square and roll them up.

source: Algarve Tourist Region

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